AAA Auto Towing

Should I Buy Auto Tow Service

I believe having the

towing service

is good. I’ve had it for thirty years, can’t remember ever using it, which is a good thing, but it offers peace of mind.

If you have, or are going to become a member of, AAA for the towing service be sure to

choose the 100 mile towing option

as a minimum. Customers with the standard 7 mile towing option (that was all AAA offered in the early years) risk the slim-to-none odds of being within 7 miles from home, my shop or another repair shop, if out of town.

AAA’s over mileage charge is 7-10 dollars a mile for the distance over 7 miles. I’ve had customers who needed a 25-30 mile tow which worked out cheaper to contract the tow without the AAA service. My advice is, if you have the 7 mile towing, call AAA and upgrade to the 100 mile option (it’s not a huge difference in cost, about $32.00 for one person membership and $49.00 for two person memberships).

Please understand I am not promoting AAA Membership, but trying to make sure you receive the best value for your money for tow service.

Most automobile insurance offers roadside assistance coverage for a nominal fee. This, too, offers the same peace of mind and helps if you’re stranded. Be sure to ask how many miles their assistance covers. 

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